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PhotographerMark Peters has always had a passion for photography. From a little boy he marveled over sunsets and sunrises, was captivated by the open green countryside and farmland and taken back by the red dirt and blue skies of the stunning Australian landscape. His first self-produced images from a darkroom stretch back to when he was a schoolboy. Here he excelled at design, photography and the arts.

Together with his exceptional communication and people skills he has continued his passion through a long-standing professional career working in photography. He has worked professionally for photography companies, in Melbourne and Perth always leaving each photographic experience with his mark of excitement, commitment, creativity and complete customer satisfaction.

He is well respected by all he has worked alongside. Mark, with the assistance of his beautiful wife Danielle,  brings his spark to the very successful Dune Photography. The photography passion he has had since he was a little boy has extended not only Australia wide but internationally.

Mark has the ability to put people at ease as he captures stunning images of your special day. He is an expert at blending in with your wedding party, shooting in an unobtrusive professional style, watching and recording the day as it unfolds. Below are just some of the comments received after photographic experiences with Mark Peters. Whether taking photos of your wedding day, family portraits, twenty-first birthday celebrations to name just a few, Mark’s personal style will result in images you are sure to love forever. 

“It is great to know that we are working with such a professional.’’

“He is so easy going and friendly, we hardly even noticed him taking the photos.’’

“Wow what a great personality, he instantly broke the ice with the kids, turning the whole experience into such great fun. Not to mention the absolutely breath taking images of my little treasures.’’

To experience the expertise and excellence of Dune Photography please contact Mark Peters. Mark looks forward to capturing your special memories soon.